Tree service

From 2009 we offer to our private customers new service. We are able to help you with the layout of the trees in your new garden, give the right arboriculture advice, help with selection of the trees. After the first contact with new customers (via telephone, email), we invite you to our nursery for visit, when you can seen the trees in their full growth and environment.

For private customers we are open Friday midday and whole Saturday or call us for personal meeting on other days.

Tree advice

The selection of right tree for a garden is important moment in landscaping process. Tree is a living organism, which would grow and fulfill the space, giving the joy to their owner in years after the planting.

  • For this is important thoughtfully decide what do we want from our new tree?
  • How big space do we have in the garden for a tree/trees?
  • How would the tree look over 10/20/50 years?
  • What do we expect from the tree in the garden?
  • What type of tree is best suitable for each environment/soil?

We are group of professional tree growers, which can help you answer all those questions and help you in person to select the right tree for your new garden.


When you decided to buy the trees from our nursery, we are able to provide the full planting service to you.

Planting is important process for future development of the tree. For planting of mature tree: digger and crane are mostly needed to position the tree in the right place.

The planting pitch must be slightly bigger and deeper than the rootball from the tree. On the bottom of the pitch, we put the well compostated compost. The pitch and surrounding area around the roots is than fill with the original soil from the area with the mixture of the planting compost.

The addition of planting compost improves the soil structure and brings important feedings and microorganisms by.


The first summer after the planting, the trees need to be closely monitored and watered regularly in drought periods.

Watering is best to be done with a classical garden hose which would be lay around the original rootball of the tree and left slowly trickle into the soil.


Planting in Hengelo
Planting in Hengelo
Planting in Hengelo
Planting in Hengelo
Planting in Hengelo
Planting in Hengelo